Spectrumlink Partners with The Belasco Theater for Epic NBA All Star Weekend 2018

If you're from L.A. and haven't heard of The Belasco Theater, we're sorry to inform you- you've been missing out on something incredible.

But with a guest list that often reads like a who's who of Hollywood, and prime real estate smack dab in the middle of the City of Angels, we're willing to bet you know the place we're talking about.

Here at Spectrumlink, we're not just committed to providing blazing fast internet for corporations across the nation.

Sure, we love doing that-- and we're pretty good at it, too-- but we're committed to something else just as much.

Something that makes every day on the job absolutely worth it.

Something that sets us apart.

We're committed to helping create epic experiences for the people that allow us to do what we love, day in and day out.

We're committed to our customers.

That's why this year, we're proud to announce that we've teamed up with The Belasco Theater to help them put on one heck of a show for NBA All Star Weekend 2018!

That's right-- the internet service provider you love is sponsoring the venue you love, while they throw an event to celebrate the NBA teams you love!

What exactly is Spectrumlink sponsoring?

We know what you're thinking:

An internet company sponsoring The Belasco? During NBA All Star Weekend? What are they there for?

In essence, we'll be sponsoring a larger part of your experience than you might realize.

We'll be providing internet service for each and every person that walks in and out of The Belasco Theater- pretty much all weekend.

We'd like to tell you that our team sat down with The Belasco staff a few weeks ago and sold them on just how epic this sponsorship would be.

After all, that's how most large-scale partnerships work, right?

But the truth is, we've been working with The Belasco Theater behind the scenes for some time now- making sure you have the internet you need to enjoy the events you love.

NBA All Star Weekend 2018 is just another way for us to make sure each and every individual that engages with our client has a satisfying experience.

Because for us, making clients and customers happy is just as rewarding as an NBA slam dunk.


Will you be covering NBA All Star Weekend 2018 on social?

You bet we will!

While we won't be at the actual game, we'll keep you updated about what's going on at The Belasco all weekend!

Whether's it's Floyd Mayweather's presumably #epic entrance, or any one of countless A-list entertainers lighting up the dance floor with some next level moves, Spectrumlink will be there to update you via our blazing fast Twitter fingers.

Be sure to give us a follow on Twitter and a "like" on Facebook to get in on the action.

And, hey, by the way-- feel free to check out some of our awesome services right here on the site.

Thanks for helping us do what we love-- and here's to an awesome NBA All Star Weekend 2018 at The Belasco!

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