Here’s why VOIP will eradicate phones

Have you ever spent a long time away from a loved one, with no clear idea of when you were going to return? Can you imagine how that must have felt back in the early 19th century, before telephones were a thing?


Individuals would have had to write letters to each other, depend on the horse and buggy postal service to deliver them, and hope for a response back within a few months. And that was all for one correspondence. No doubt, messages were lost, relationships were ended, and lives were changed based on the simple ineffectiveness of a communication system that took entirely too long for everything.


Then, in 1876, along came the telephone, and things changed for the better. Individuals could now pick up a device and call a person at home (well, call an operator, who would then transfer the call to a person's home), and, more or less, speak to their heart's content.


The problem? Well- the concept for the telephone was created almost 150 years ago.

Nowadays, people want things faster, cheaper, and more conducive to their needs. We live in an interdependent society, and, as such, people find it highly important that meetings, deals, and conversations can take place anywhere, at any time, with minimum inconvenience to them.


Enter VOIP. Voice over internet protocol has taken the world by storm in recent years... and most of us never even realized it.

FaceTime? VOIP.

Skype? VOIP.

Google Hangouts? VOIP.



Every conversation you've held over a WiFi connection (via your computer or your phone) has been a VOIP conversation.

Traditional telephone companies have been around since telephones were invented, and, by and large, are becoming ineffective as more and more people discover workarounds that allow them to use their devices without paying for expensive cellular service.

Yes, as of now, phone service is still pretty much required if you're looking for a clear call that won't be interrupted by spotty internet service. But that's not always the case. Phones need a signal to operate, and most of the time, where there's no internet, there's also no signal.




VOIP is changing the way people do business, and it will only be a matter of time before it becomes the preferred method of communication.

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