How Much Internet Do I Actually Need?

Now that you know the importance if internet speed, it would behoove you to know how to measure the speed you need for your home or office.


Again, bandwidth is everything here- and with our myriad of options for bandwidth, you can never go wrong. Remember, one byte of bandwidth (or anything for that matter) equals approximately 8 bits, and one megabyte equals 8 megabits. With a one megabyte per second connection, it would take you approximately 11 hours to download your favorite movie.


Your bandwidth is spread out across the total number of devices that are connected to it, so unless there's only one person using internet (which, even in a household, is usually not the case), you're going to have to consider the amount of lag you'll experience with any particular plan. To figure this out, estimate the total number of people that may be using your internet connection at any given time. Assess the amount of bandwidth they might consume on average, and judge how much bandwidth will allow everyone to continue browsing comfortably. In your estimations, remember that video streaming tends to consume more bandwidth than almost anything else. Additionally, if several individuals frequently share files or download information, your total bandwidth usage will be affected even more.


It is also important to consider how much activity takes place on your internet connection overall, and how pertinent that activity is to your business or household. There are peak times in which user internet activity is statistically, the highest, so staggering the times that everyone is on the web may speed things up considerably. If, in the case of a workplace, those times will be pretty much consistent, you'll definitely want to opt for faster speeds!


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