Why Internet Speed is a Very Big Deal

A lot of big name internet companies push you to buy big, expensive plans that seem to have very little to do with the speed of your internet. They encourage you to save up for "more bandwidth," "faster download speeds" and the like, without actually explaining where or when you will see the changes in speed.



This practice not only misleads buyers-- it discourages them from making the switch to faster internet altogether.

Here at Spectrumlink, transparency is everything. We want you to be confident in what you're getting when we indicate "faster speeds" or "higher bandwidth." Maybe it's because we don't believe in abusing the trust of the companies and individuals that decide to invest in us. Pretty novel concept, huh?

There are two major things you need to know about internet speed.


The first thing to know when it comes to speed is what "bandwidth" actually is. Bandwidth in and of itself refers to your system's ability to collect a certain amount of information at any given time. This is important when you have multiple users streaming, downloading, or browsing at the same time. Netflix's new 4K streaming mode, for instance, commands almost 12 megabytes per second of streaming. If you've got just two people streaming Netflix, or a team of employees browsing YouTube simultaneously, a 30mbps bandwidth cap is almost nothing!


Secondly, it pays to understand "latency." This is simply the amount of time it takes your computer to send information to a server, and get it back. The less latency your internet has, the longer it will take to send and receive information. When initiating important transactions over the web, uploading, editing, or viewing video, or even surfing Google or your favorite website, having a high latency time makes the experience much more enjoyable. Latency is even more important for a business in which more than one person may be using internet at a time. Cutting corners on internet speed could mean several people will experience internet lag, and not be nearly as efficient hour to hour as they should be.


All in all, faster speed helps make your internet browsing experience one that's as efficient as you are. Assessing your current internet speed and your home or business needs is a great first step to deciding which one of our many service plans may be right for you!


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