“Learning” the Internet? Yep.

For years now, the internet has been a tool for many of us to communicate, to learn, and to grow. Massive enterprises (like Amazon, Google, and Facebook) were born and live on the internet. "Digital nomads" make a living off of the internet (and it's not too bad of a living at all). And companies like us devote millions of dollars, hire incredible people, and spend almost every waking moment of our lives trying to come up with the best solutions to making the internet experience faster, smarter and more convenient for users around the world.


We all know that it's the next generations (our kids, their kids, and the kids after them) that will shape what it means to be a human being, and the internet will no doubt play a large part in that. But, based on recent news,  we can also now rest assured that out kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids won't just know what the internet is or what it's used for... they'll know how to use it to be more productive, and to make the world a better place.


That's right! News shows that schools in the UK  (and a few here in America) are taking strides to teach internet-- and that doesn't just mean the difference between Internet Explorer and Chrome. We're talking learning how to discern reputable websites from risky ones, how to research without solely relying on Wikipedia (we know, it's our favorite, too), and even how to design basic websites and diagnose simple web problems.



The world is relying on the internet more and more these days. Here's to the kids learning how to make it even more productive.



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