Need a Quick Performance Boost? Try an SSD.

Here at Spectrumlink, we're all about bringing value to our clients. And while we are fiercely devoted to getting you to see just how blazing-fast our own internet service is, we understand that you may not necessarily be looking to make the switch to a new ISP right now.


You may, however, still be interested in finding a way to speed up the overall performance of your Mac or PC, and for that, we've got something that may do the trick.


SSDs, or solid-state drives, act as an effective replacement for the hard drives that run most older-model computers. The technology (which, despite having only been around for a few years, has already taken the world by storm) has no moving parts, which allows it to perform much faster, longer, and more efficiently than the standard hard drive, and practically eliminates the issue of overheating.


As for speed-- even the most basic of SSDs outperforms its lethargic hard drive cousins, and it's not even close. We tested an external SSD (more on that later) as a replacement for a 2012, 8GB Macbook Pro hard drive, and we were blown away by the speed difference.


Just for some context, computers have two speed measurements-- read and write. Read speed measures how long it takes to open something (say, a large file) on the drive. Write speed measures the exact opposite-- how long it takes to save something to the drive. Fresh out of the box, our 6-year-old Macbook Pro model recorded an abysmal average read write speed of 75 megabytes per second. That means that downloading a movie that required 3 gigabytes of storage would take approximately 42 minutes (yes, we know-- that's almost as long as the movie itself!)


But when we made the switch to the external SSD, speeds jumped to 425 megabytes per second. That's more than six times faster!







SSDs can be used either internally or externally. Internally, they completely replace the hard drive, and tend to be even quicker. Used externally, an operating system must be cloned onto the device first, and it can typically run from a USB port.








SSDs are a great alternative to a new computer, but there's only one way to ensure internet is as fast as you need it to be. That's making the switch to Spectrumlink. Seriously- you'll be glad you did!







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