No, Every Internet Service Provider Isn’t Created Equal

Ever been intrigued by one of those nifty little packages that promise phone, cable, and internet service for minimal cost (not naming any names), only to find out that by the time your bill was due you had either a) exhausted way more of the plan add-ons than you thought you would, b) spent so much extra for basic service and coverage that you probably could've covered next month's rent, or c) had to go to the public library to pay the bill because you reached your monthly service limit literally one week after you bought it and you had no internet?


You're not alone. In fact, many of our current customers suffered from that same feeling before making the switch over to our services.


So, what gives?





Well, a lot of companies prey on the fact that the average person doesn't know much about internet, speed, price, and how they all coexist. And while we weren't refer to the whole good, fast or cheap thing (the learning process is a lot more intuitive if you actually see it), there's certainly something to be said for service that seems too good to be true, too cheap to be good, or too fast to be so cheap.




There are a lot of components that go into blazing-fast internet speeds, and it pays to be at least moderately aware of them when choosing your next internet service provider. At Spectrumlink, we're nothing if not transparent and reliable, and there's a reason thousands have already made the switch to our premier services.



Don't let the big guns pull one over on you, or entice you into bundling internet just because you already have another one of their other services. When it comes to internet, making the right choice means everything!



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