Must Have Tech Under $50 This Christmas

The holidays are upon us, which means last minute gift ideas aren't too far behind. We've rounded up a few of the hottest tech gifts this year that will make that family member/friend/neighbor...? smile, and won't break the bank.


Starting our list out is the portable speaker... because every great holiday needs great music, too. You can get a quality portable speaker for as little as $40, and there are several options to choose from. A great unisex gift for teens and older.

Next on the list is an Amazon Echo, because it's one of the greatest A.I. based personal assistants since Siri. Alexa is the perfect companion for someone who wants to have a little fun with their own robot, and they'll definitely think you spent an arm and a leg on it. At just $30, it's a win-win.



Finally, we've found this nifty little tool called Flic that actually helps you find a phone, order food, or look things up, sort of like Alexa, but in its own trendy little way. It's essentially a button that you can stick just about anywhere, and it retails for just $35. The age of personal assistants is upon us!




Of course, if you really want to be fancy and give that special someone something they need, we'd like to recommend our blazing fast internet service. For the home or office, our speed and reliability is matched by none, and we'll certainly revolutionize the browsing experience for anyone who decides to give us a try.





Come to think of it, this might be a gift you save for yourself. We don't blame you!





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