TV Tricks for Ultimate Relaxation This Winter

The holiday season is the one time of the year where we get to relax and unwind, and it's important that we take full advantage of this opportunity-- because if you're anything like us, relaxation just doesn't come often enough.

Unfortunately though, it seems like the times we get to enjoy luxuries like TV, sleeping in, and home cooked meals also end up being the times where things just aren't working right. While we can't force you to get more sleep or stay in to cook a meal, we can help you fix those tech issues that just keep bugging you. Here's three of the most common problems your TV may go through this holiday season, and how to fix them!

If your television shows a colored screen instead of a picture, chances are the inputs and outputs are switched around. It's a common error that can happen if you add a new device to the TV, move it to do some New Year's cleaning, or unplug a cord to put something in its place. The easiest way to remember what goes where is to align everything according to color. Also, it pays to check that the TV itself is set to the correct input setting. Click the menu on your remote to find "settings," and make sure the right one is selected!

If the image on the TV is blurry or fuzzy, this is most likely an issue with the satellite connection. Sometimes a receiver can have trouble keeping up with live-stream events like sports. There's nothing wrong with your TV, per se, but you may want to check with your satellite provider to see if the network is experiencing issues in your area. If the problem is persistent, you can turn your sharpness down to try to reduce some of the load on the server.

Finally, if your tv settings are all messed up, this isn’t a television error either. Chances are the wrong button was pressed by accident, or a TV setting was changed erroneously. Have no fear, however. All you have to do is reset the television set to factory defaults. Depending on the type of television and your cable provider, there’s a specific code to input on your remote. A quick Google search should help you find it!

Here at Spectrumlink, we know just how important the holidays are. Hopefully these tricks help you get a little more R&R this winter season. We know we will!

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