Is Edge Computing on the Rise?

The tech wizards that be have identified an interesting conundrum when it comes to how we store and use our data.

The "cloud"-- or the seemingly endless space where we store just about everything we do online-- may get crowded sooner than we think. With millions of users now, as technology becomes more and more of a way of life for more and more people and the amount of users increases, the likelihood of lag, reduced load speeds, and even lapses in service for many could become very real.

Fortunately, data scientists are working on a solution to that now.


They call it "edge computing"-- and in its simplest terms, it involves using a decentralized system to store our information. Experts say that this method-- pushing our data to virtual storage spaces near our location-- can help mitigate the effects of crowded cloud storage, and grant us instant access to even the most cumbersome of files. In a way, data is processed by the actual device, as opposed to a distant server.


So, is edge computing the next big thing in technology?

As major players for companies that represent a number of industry leading platforms lean towards making applications even more responsive and user friendly, edge computing is gaining steam and gathering a lot of interest. In fact, over the next five years, experts predict much of the conceptual programming will be valued at between six and ten billion dollars.

As the demand for "fast" grows year by year, edge computing may be here sooner than we think!

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