Is Internet Efficiency Possible?

We've all struggled with it: efficiency.


Whether we own a small business that relies on internet as a means to make sales or convert leads, indulge a hobby that requires internet access, or work like any of the other hundreds of millions of folks in America, we all know the feeling when we get online to do something and end up doing everything but.


For some of us, efficiency isn't necessarily an issue-- we eventually mosey around to doing what we set out to do sooner or later. If projects aren't time sensitive and they can be done at our leisure, then efficiency doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot. For others, however, being efficient is the key to maximizing ROI. Every second we waste doing things other than what we set out to do is an opportunity that we'll never get back again. For these folks, efficiency is everything.


But is efficiency on the world's largest platform of stuff actually doable?


According to research, it is.




How well we're able to navigate the internet, prioritize tasks, and complete them efficiently has as much to do with knowing how our browsing platform works as it does with being able to memorize and learn. And, as per numerous lists suggesting ways to do internet "better," will tell you, achieving efficiency on the web isn't that much different than achieving efficiency at home or at work. It's all about slowing down, learning a system, and augmenting it in a way that works best for us.


Google Chrome, for instance, has a nifty toolbar where we can load applications that will help make our browsing life easier. Safari syncs with our other Mac devices for seamless surfing everywhere.


Efficiency is possible when we're surfing the web. We've just got to be willing to work at it!

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