The Low-Down on Smart Cities

They're here, among us. In our trash bins, on our basketball hoops, underneath the hoods of our cars: tiny robots capable of tracking every step of our lives.


No, not exactly-- though the internet of things is going to change the way we live sooner rather than later.


Enter smart cities: the world's first complete foray into using internet and data as a means of making our lives better in less conventional ways.

As a leading internet service company, we're thrilled at the possibilities the smart city concept will open up for our customers and the world as a whole. Just a few years ago, a Greek academic introduced a novel concept-- planting LCD touchscreens at bus stops to allow passers-by to help identify malaria-infected blood cells. This innovation didn't just help pass the time while waiting for the next bus to show up-- it actually saved lives. Smart cities won't just make life easier to live-- it will legitimately make the world a better place.

But, as with everything, understanding just what smart cities are, how they'll work, and how they'll affect us is still a big step the concept has to take before it will be fully accepted. We're here to help you understand the basics.


smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection to manage city resources more efficiently. When a city knows what's going on within its borders, it can correct problems before they become disasters, mitigate crime before it becomes deadly, and address concerns almost instantaneously. The idea of smart cities is to give city officials the ability to interact with city citizens more productively.


Smart cities use technology known as the internet of things to provide the network for these digital relationships. The more things that can connect with each other to share data and information, the more effective the output tends to be. In the case of the smart city, the desired output includes the ability to engage in real time with others in order to make life better, faster and simpler!

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