Spring Cleaning Your Digital Footprint

One of the questions we get asked most often here at Spectrumlink is how to make internet speeds faster. Now, while we always point the folks who ask us this in the direction of our own blazing fast internet service packages, we understand everyone isn't always ready to make the switch yet. So, the next thing we tell them is simple: clean out their digital footprint.

Each one of us-- whether we run a business, work for a major corporation, or stay at home and rarely even touch technology-- has a unique digital footprint. That footprint's made up of all sorts of things-- like cached pages, specific browser settings, stored passwords, and favorite sites. All of this stored information can make our browsing experience a lot more personal, which in turn helps us find whatever we're browsing the web for faster and more efficiently.

However, too much stored data can also slow our browsing down. Think of it like a physical shopping cart that's bogged down with too much stuff. While the idea of a shopping cart is to make our shopping experience easier, having too much stuff in it can slow us down considerably.

That's where the spring cleaning concept comes in.

Every so often, IT experts recommend we clean out much of the stored information that we no longer use on our browsers. The good news is that this is a pretty easy process.

Start things off by reviewing the online accounts you have, and deleting the ones that you no longer use. If you haven't used it in such a long time that you've forgotten the password to it, chances are it's an account that can go.

Next, update your devices and delete unused or unwanted apps. You should be updating as regularly as you can anyway, but on the off chance that you aren't,  try putting yourself on a schedule to do so from now on. Updates are usually as simple as going into the settings parameter of your device and checking for them, then clicking install (or update.) To delete apps, right click them, drag them to the Trash Bin icon, or click and hold them, depending on the device you have.

Finally, rejuvenate your web browser by clearing the history, changing the settings so that passwords are not stored, and deleting pages and favorites that you no longer need. If you have multiple browsers that you don't use, consider deleting them to free up some space as well. If you're feeling particularly clean-y, do the same for your digital files. Start with your downloads or desktop space, and work your way through from there.. If you don't use it, read it, or review it regularly, it might be time to trash it.

Spring is upon us, and it's the perfect time to clean up your digital footprint. Once you've done a thorough job, you'll enjoy much faster speeds and an even better online experience.

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