5G is Here… And You Should Be, Too

In January of this year, a host of cell phone service providers rolled out "5G" in select areas. Needless to say, it's been the talk of the collective town. Aside from blazing fast internet download and streaming speeds, 5G browsing has ushered in a whole new wave of smart tech, along with some gadgets that can do some pretty incredible things. 

With all the updates in mobile browsing speeds, one big question now looms over the heads of many small and medium sized businesses: how will their own internet infrastructures hold up? Do they have what it takes to meet the demands of prospective customers that now have the world's fastest internet speeds at their fingertips?

There's only one way to find out-- and that's through testing. By gauging just how efficient and effective your internet service is now, you can make sure your business stays one step ahead of the curve while your competition is floundering. Just like dial-up was soon rendered obsolete by newer, more modern options, so too will today's common internet setups. That's why here at Spectrumlink, we always advise our clients to not just go with what's now, but to always look for what's next!

The first thing to note with your own internet service is its standard downloading and streaming speeds-- particularly as they pertains to the number of employees you have. As mentioned earlier, this is one set of processes that will be substantially affected once 5G is rolled out as a standard, and if your company does any sort of work where downloading is a must, an upgrade could be something to look into for the near future.

Another great performance indicator of your internet's efficiency is its data processing speed. Similar to downloading and streaming speeds, data processing speeds will drastically decrease with 5G. Processing data includes everything from approving payments and scheduling meetings to getting tasks done and growing the business. Suffice to say, it's a significantly integral part of your business--and making sure your speeds are up to snuff isn't a task to be overlooked.

Finally, real time analytics-- that is, being able to see just how and where folks are buying your products as they buy them-- is something that's now only actionable on the fastest internet networks, but will soon be the standard. Consider how you typically mine for consumer data, and, if need be, prepare to make a switch to real-time that could possibly mean the ability to change marketing campaigns on-the-go!

5G is no longer coming-- it's already here. Is your business ready for it?

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