Signs It’s Time to Switch to a New ISP

We've all experienced it. Maybe it was a relationship with an ex, a new product, or a new hobby. That thing that we thought was great in the beginning, but turned out to suck.

It can happen with your internet service provider, too. You may have been drawn in with rates that seemed too good to be true, customer service that was just otherworldly, or bundle deals that you didn't even know could possibly exist. Then-- it happened. The internet service you'd come to love just wasn't that lovable anymore.

Here's a few signs that it may be time to switch internet service providers.

1. Your internet isn't actually secure.

While you may have basic protections against the simplest of attacks, you may have seen a spike in computer infections and viruses recently among any or all of your computers, and you may rightfully be concerned about the security of your browsers. If your current ISP isn't able to offer you additional security packages, or help you quickly rectify the malware that's already affecting your service, chances are it's time to move on to another provider that can. Internet attacks are only getting more sophisticated, and your business deserves protection that's able to handle them.

2. Your speeds aren't actually all that fast.

You may have started your business with just a handful of folks, and it may be up to a few dozen now. You might have run one CRM for a few years, and made the switch to another within the last few months. Or your internet may have always been slow, and it's just now starting to affect things. Whatever the reason for your slow internet speeds, if your internet service provider isn't able to upgrade you to faster speeds without drastically exceeding your budget, it could be time to make the switch to another provider. Blazing-fast internet speeds at affordable rates aren't hard to come by, if you know the right providers to look for!

3. There are caps on your bandwidth.

It's the twenty-first century and yes, we know-- there shouldn't be a limit on bandwidth, period. Unfortunately not all internet service providers play by the same rules we do. Some companies put caps on your bandwidth without you knowing, which allows them to share your bandwidth with others and reduce their own costs while continuing to rake in the same amount of money from you. In an age where businesses live and die by internet speed and data, an ISP that places a cap on your bandwidth isn't one that you should stick with. There are just too many other awesome providers out there that wouldn't dream of doing it.

These are just a few signs that it's time to say sayonara to your current ISP and make the switch to a new provider. The list of red flags truly goes on for some time. The important thing is that you get internet service that gets you, and can switch to satisfy your internet needs at a moment's notice. For the best internet service money can buy, check us out today.


You'll be glad you did!


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