The 411: Internet Service for Property Owners

When it comes to internet service, property owners have a big decision to make: do they provide in-house internet service to their tenants, or force them to find their own?

If they're at all concerned with their bottom line, the answer is simple-- they go the in-house route. And having an in-house internet service provider isn't just more affordable than the alternative. With a quality internet service provider, in-house internet can prove to be a huge factor in helping you attract more tenants, keep the ones you have longer, and save big on maintenance costs down the road!

So, how do you choose the right provider? We touched on some of the things to look for when choosing an internet service provider here, and much of the same applies to a property owner (at scale, of course). Reliability from the service itself and the support team is going to be a huge factor-- as each tenant is going to want the same stellar speeds as the next, with minimal lag, buffering, and the like, and if they don't get it, they'll look to you for answers. If you can, inquire as to whether or not the internet service provider you're interested in has a dedicated business account team that can help you if need be. Because any potential issues you have with your service will likely require more than just a basic fix, it pays to have a team that can cater specifically to business needs. Of course, you'll also want to choose a provider based on bandwidth options and potential cost savings.

Once you have a provider, the rollout strategy is something to consider. Here at Spectrumlink, for instance, we install property service though non-penetrating gravity roof or wall pipe mounts, connect to our rooftop network, and link you to Tier 1 internet service providers all in a matter of hours. That leaves you with plenty of time to inform your tenants about the network switch and assist them in resetting their internet connection. Other providers, however, can take much longer. It's up to you to decide what works best for your tenants!

Finally, make the switch! Once you're satisfied with your provider and the job they've done in setting everything up, ask for any last instructions on how to make sure all connections are switched over. Additionally, now might also be a good time to inquire about add-on packages and the like. Many ISP's (including ours) offer bundles and discounts depending on the additional services you need.

Again, for those property owners looking to do right by their tenants and their bottom line, in-house, centralized internet service is the way to go. Click the blue "Get Started" button to see how our Spectrumlink team can help you get set up today!

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