What Your Advertising Data Can Tell You About Your Website

In today's age of analytics, pretty much everything can be quantified. And for any smart business owner, that's not something to be taken lightly. Great data can make the difference between an average quarter and a stellar quarter, high conversion rates and low conversion rates, and, in more cases than you might think, profit and loss. One of the biggest data pools in the digital advertising suite today can actually come from your website-- and as an internet service provider, we've found that having a pulse on website trends actually allows us to customize service and platform options to better meet the needs of our clients.

Here's some common website KPIs to consider when analyzing your next campaign!

Lots of dropoffs doesn't necessarily mean people hate your products.

As an internet service provider, speed is king for us. And, if you're a small business of any sort, speed has to be just as important for you. Studies as recent as 2016 indicate that it only takes prospective customers about three seconds to decide whether or not they're going to continue on your site, and, for many businesses consistently seeing high dropoffs, most of that three seconds may be spent waiting on the site content to load. If you're seeing high dropoffs and are concerned with changing the content on your site, you might find a quick fix in changing your site theme to something more lightweight!

Optimization really does mean everything.

Mobile optimization-- or the practice of setting up your site so that it's easily accessible and understandable on a smartphone screen-- is an art that small businesses really have to master. According to platforms like Google Trends, mobile web browsing overtook desktop web browsing as the number one user browsing method some years ago, and it hasn't looked back since. Nowadays, over 60% of prospects in most verticals view a website on their devices before making the decision to continue or not-- so, it stands to reason that optimizing that mobile site to be as informative, engaging, and appealing as its desktop counterpart can be hugely rewarding for a business.

Accessibility can make a big difference.

In the age of speed for digital, efficiency certainly hasn't been pushed to the wayside. In fact, if anything, users are clamoring for new and innovative ways to engage with platforms on a regular basis, and taking steps to make your website more powerful for and accessible to its users can make a big difference when it comes to conversions. If you're an e-commerce platform, consider ways to accept new and different forms of payment, or encourage users to create a digital account for more savings. Brick and mortar store? Offer an online rewards program, or consider adding a live chat feature to keep prospects engaged while they browse!

Just like a good marketing strategy, having the right internet service provider plays a huge role in making sure your company runs like clockwork. That's why whether its speed, bandwidth, customer service, or all three, here at Spectrumlink we offer best-in-class options to fit just about anything you're looking for!

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