How to Measure Your Company’s Internet Usage

As a whole, we Americans spend a lot of time on the internet. Be it surfing the web for information, streaming Netflix after work, or browsing Amazon for that next must-have item, our days are inundated with internet use.

When it comes to choosing the best internet service for your company, tracking your monthly internet use can be an efficient way to help you determine what plan and provider will work best for your needs. Whether you've got two employees or two hundred, measuring how their internet use affects your bottom line can help illustrate whether your current ISP is helping you get the job done... or not!

Start with the basics

The first step in measuring the efficiency of your current internet setup is to highlight the sequences involved in helping your team do its work. In many cases, a CRM is perfect for this kind of analysis, as it only takes a second to copy down current workflows from its database. If you run a smaller team where having a CRM isn't necessary, reach out to department heads to assess the current strategies they're using throughout their teams. Jot these strategies down, making sure to note all relevant internet tasks (like checking email, using in-house messaging, and scheduling VOIP conference calls). Depending on the size of your team, gathering this sort of information can take as little as a few hours. Be sure to your notes are thorough and precise.

Assess the weaknesses

Once you have a good handle on the day to day internet processes of your entire team, have your employees jot down any internet-related issues they've dealt with over the past few months. If you have an IT team, start with them to get an accurate pulse on the kinds of issues to expect, but be sure to ask departmentally as well. Some issues may not get reported to an IT team, but could actually be of bigger concern than you might think! Common issues like slow download speeds, dropped conference calls, and even unwanted popups can be signs that your internet service provider may have dropped the ball.

Make a decision

Once you've accurately analyzed your company's internet usage, it's time to decide just how effective your ISP has been-- and, more importantly, whether they're helping or hurting your bottom line. In many cases, a provider you may have contracted with long ago might have throttled your speeds, slacked on customer service, or cut back on internet maintenance in its effort to move on to newer, bigger accounts. If that move has affected your business, it's time for you to find an ISP that better suits your needs as they currently stand.

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