Making Your Tenants Happy With Their Internet

Owning or managing a multi-tenant building can be a lot of work. Whether it's addressing maintenance concerns, screening new tenants, or hosting open houses, there's often a billion and one things to do to make sure things are running smoothly. Luckily, providing quality internet service doesn't have to be one of those things.

To provide the best in internet service for your tenants, it's important to get a clear pulse on the service options that will work best for them. Here at Spectrumlink, for instance, we offer a range of service options that fit just about any need. Whether it's faster download speeds or larger bandwidth for streaming services, we offer custom, affordable solutions to make sure you and your tenants get the most out of your internet connection.

Assessing what your tenants need

Whether you've got two tenants or two thousand, surveys can be your best friend when it comes to figuring out their needs. If your tenants are primarily businesses, needs may be fairly simple and straightforward across the board. If you've got residents, needs could be more varied, but chances are bandwidth won't be nearly as much of a concern. Create a survey that asks your tenants how they primarily use their internet (i.e., surfing the web, streaming movies and shows, running heavy applications from their desktop), and use the data you collect here to help you make an informed decision on large scale internet options. It may also pay to ask tenants what's most important to them in terms of internet functionality.

Considering ISP options

Once you've assessed what it is that your tenants need from their internet service, it's time to consider which internet service provider can get you the service you're looking for at a price that works for your budget. Oftentimes larger ISPs offer set packages that, while ideal for some, can be burdensome for those looking for very specific options. Others, like, Spectrumlink, can devote more of our time to crafting a plan that works perfectly for your unique requirements and budget. It's really all a matter of preference. Keep in mind that depending on your location, the scale of your property, and the parameters you'd like set in place, an ISP will likely have to come visit your property before they can give you an informed quote. Their visit will help them determine exactly what will work in line with your specifications.

Making the final decision

Making your tenants happy with their internet comes down to making the final decision on a plan that will work for as many of them as possible. With the information you've gathered from them and the quotes you've received from respective ISP's, making a decision on the right choice for internet service should be relatively simple and straightforward. More options are usually best, so don't hesitate to go with a plan that gives you some wiggle room and offers customizations, if it's in your budget. When it comes to your tenants, more choices is always a good call!

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