Why Wi-Fi Security Is Important

When it comes to security for internet, the age-old question of what's necessary vs. what's excessive always seems to come up. And it's not hard to see why. With the hundreds of supposedly necessary security enhancements for your browsing, your gaming, your networking, and more, buyer's fatigue is a real thing in the industry.

As an internet service company that's provided service for dozens of the world's largest events and companies, we've noticed a common, startling trend as of late. With all the focus on internal internet protocol, many businesses and individuals have neglected something even more important than the server or the speed of any connection. They've neglected the security of their WiFi.

Here's a few reasons why, in the midst of all of the other security measures you may for may not be taking when it comes to your internet, secured WiFi is absolutely, positively, unequivocally necessary.

Because... your WiFi isn't just yours.

Perhaps that sounds a bit ominous-- but it's the truth. Wi-Fi typically extends around three hundred feet around your property, which, while ensuring you get coverage no matter where you are, also means that anyone within that same radius can access the Wi-Fi network. And if your building or unit happens to be in an area where other businesses or properties are in close proximity (like a strip mall), that means there's potential for a lot of unauthorized access of your network!

Because... just one rogue user can deal massive damage.

With access to your network through any unsecured WiFi access point, a hacker can unleash a devastating attack on your entire system of computers. Even a simple virus can steal data, shut off or slow down connections, and even render your digital infrastructure unusable. A major virus could do much, much worse.

Because... a secured Wifi network is one of the easiest ways to protect from other internet trouble.

By using WiFi protected access (WPA) and requiring a WPA password, you can mitigate and, in some cases, completely avoid a host of viruses, phishing attempts, and even strong-arm attacks that originate locally. A closed network connection means that only the individuals your business authorizes can use the platforms you have in place, and if anything goes wrong, your business will have a point of reference to initiate an investigation.

Securing your WiFi is an absolute necessary action every business should take as soon as a WiFi system is installed. In just a few minutes, you can ensure your network connection and the sensitive data it holds doesn't fall into the wrong hands!

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