Time Saving Tips for The Holiday Season

Thanksgiving's a'coming, and Christmas isn't too far behind. But while you're busy making plans for in-laws, relatives, and others this month, work may still be looming over your head.

We've all been there: eager for the next big break or that vacation of vacations, but stuck at the office with mounds of work to do and not enough time to do it.

As internet experts with decades of experience, our Spectrumlink team knows a thing or two about saving time by working smarter in the office. The next time you're feeling bogged down by work, lighten your load by employing these time saving techniques!

1. Close those tabs.

For some of us, having a dozen or more tabs open at any given time is about as normal as making dinner for the kids. It's just the way we've always worked on the internet, and we've never really even thought about it enough to consider doing anything different. As it turns out, though, working with fewer tabs can actually increase productivity. Less tabs means less distractions, but it also means less work is required from your computer to keep things running. With less load on your computer, you'll often enjoy faster load times and less lag. On those days where every extra second counts, saving a few seconds via a lighter workload for your computer can be crucial!

2. Take a shortcut.

Growing up, many of us learned not to take shortcuts in life. But the internet turns that adage on its head. The internet is designed to make life easier for us, and the shortcuts therein add to that goal. One of the easiest and most effective shortcuts we can think of? Ctrl + F.  If you need to find just about anything on your computer, simply enter this combination of keys and search for the exact file or location you need. You'll no longer have to hunt around the screen to find that phrase you needed or to see where the email address was listed. The Ctrl +F shortcut will do the work for you!

3. Skim pages with spacebar.

One critically unnecessary thing to do on the computer nowadays is to use the scroll bar on the right side of the screen. It's incredibly slow, and can often result in you missing what you were looking for (because you scrolled right past it.) Instead, use the spacebar to do all your heavy scrolling. Make sure your cursor isn't in a text field (it won't work that way), then tap the spacebar to move down one full page. Need to really fly down a screen? Hold Shift and spacebar simultaneously to whiff past multiple pages at once!

4. Use a password manager.

If you've used the net for any length of time, chances are you've accumulated quite a few passwords. Instead of taking the time to remember each password every time you need to use it, employ a password manager like LastPass to help you keep track of everything. This easy to use password platform is completely free, and comes with a convenient app that allows you to save your passwords on your mobile device as well. Simply enter your password as usual on your computer, and wait for the popup asking you whether you want to save the password to LastPass. Select "Yes," and you're good to go. The platform will remember your password anytime you access that page-- saving you a heap of time!


There are a host of ways to make the internet work faster and more efficiently, but the key is to identify the ways that work for you.

Use these tips as a start, and you'll be well on your way to speeding up your workflow!


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