2020, 8K, and Avoiding a Streaming Headache

It's finally here. 2020 is upon us, in all of its technological glory.

Some of us remember hearing the year "2020" several years ago and thinking futuristic aliens, space colonization, and electric cars. The funny thing is, two of those three concepts are actually here.

Whether you're a tech junkie or not, one of the things you likely can't help but notice is the advent of new and improved tech just about everyday. The latest craze-- 8K streaming-- has taken the world by storm over the past few weeks, and if its adoption symbolizes one thing, it's the simple fact that there's no longer such a thing as "tech as we know it."

So how can you make sure you're prepared for 8K televisions, streaming services, games, and tech? Start with your internet.

Make sure your streaming speeds are up to par

At Spectrumlink, we offer a number of internet speeds to help you make good, efficient use out of appliances and devices that need an internet connection. Deciding which of our speeds is right for you involves assessing just how much internet you use on a daily basis, and predicting whether that usage might change in the coming months. Your internet service provider keeps a record of the internet you use on a monthly basis, and most providers have no problem providing that information in a bill, or upon request. Use the information your internet service provider rounds up for you to see if you'll be able to accommodate devices that may drain more internet resources, or if you'll need to upgrade to a more robust plan.

Ask retailers and sellers what internet setup is required for optimal compatibility

The great thing about the tech of today is that most of it comes with user setup guidelines, a help desk, and even an option to have an expert configure it for you. Take advantage of these resources and figure out exactly what's necessary to achieve the experience you want. Some devices don't consume a significant amount of bandwidth, and may be a more efficient option for the person that doesn't want to spend money upgrading an internet plan. Others are more resource-heavy, but offer richer experiences. The choice is entirely up to you!

Ask your internet service provider for assistance

Here at Spectrumlink, we've got a dedicated help team here to assist you in making the best decisions for your internet, budget, and comfort. We're also quite experienced in helping our customers find creative solutions to just about any internet question they may have. If you need advice on which devices will work best for your current internet setup, don't hesitate to reach out!  The year of 8K is here, and we're all about helping you prepare for it!

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