Don’t Stress: How to Fix Common Business Internet Problems

No matter how efficient your business is, chances are if you're running on an internet connection, you've had issues at some point or another. Even the best internet service providers are occasionally down, and when they go down, there's often not a whole lot you can do to make things any better. As a business owner, it can be frustrating to have to rely on a service that's unreliable and doesn't quite meet your needs. But it can also be frustrating to deal with issues and problems from an ISP that does seem to have everything you're looking for.

Fortunately, you don't have to feel completely helpless the next time a problem arises. By implementing a few best practices, you can put your team in the best position to make the most of an unfortunate internet situation-- and, in some cases, even fix things yourself!

Reset, regroup, and restart

One of the easiest things to do when a piece of tech isn't working is often also the thing we forget to do first. When it comes to your router, modem, computer, and really just about anything tech related, shutting things down and restarting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to fix most problems. One good practice to follow is unplugging or disconnecting the malfunctioning system or equipment and leaving it disconnected for a few minutes. This allows the system to recalibrate itself, and, in most cases, reboot with no issue. This method works well to clear up issues stemming from a loss in connectivity, sudden throttled download speeds, or frozen screens. While it is in no way a comprehensive fix, if your system was working well previously and only recently suffered an issue, the "reboot" method could get it back to a functional place.

Troubleshoot on your own

While it may seem risky to try to troubleshoot an internet problem you're not sure about, it's not. In fact, chances are high that you'll find the problem in short order-- provided it's a simple one. Backtracking your actions before the problem occurred can often lead you to the solution. For instance, if your computer suddenly drops connectivity in the middle of an important presentation, checking the Wi-Fi connection to ensure it didn't switch to another network can save you a lot of headache. If it did, you can simply switch back to your original connection, enter the settings panel, and ensure that the option to "automatically connect" to other networks is switched off. Likewise, if your team has updated its CRM to another provider, and things feel clunky, asking the provider for an installation walkthrough can probably solve the issue. Backtracking is key, because much of what your internet service relies on to run is based on algorithms and machines. As humans, we make mistakes much more often than they do. When in doubt and experiencing an issues with your internet, retrace your steps to identify the culprit.

Reach out to tech support

The great thing about a quality internet company like Spectrumlink is the fact that our technicians are on standby virtually 24/7 to ensure your internet runs smoothly. Even if you're not using our service, however, many ISP's have a Help Center and tech service that can field calls and walk you through many problems specific to the system configuration you have. While the wait time may be a bit annoying, don't be afraid to leverage all of your resources to get down to the bottom of your problem. Many issues may cost you much more time and productivity by opting to exclude the tech team that put the system together and is there to offer you assistance.

Here at Spectrumlink, we've made it our goal to be the first line of defense for any problems that may arise from our clients' custom internet setups. We know that time and productivity are the two driving forces behind any successful business, and we're here to make sure your internet complements your mission in every way. Contact us to learn more about custom internet solutions for your business today!