Is Your Wi-Fi Slow? Here’s How to Fix It

wifi running slow

For anyone running a business these days, a fast Wi-Fi connection is a must in order to make sure things are operating as effectively as possible. Unfortunately, all Wi-Fi options are not created equal. Here at Spectrumlink, we pride ourselves on setting the standard for blazing fast internet, and offer a wide range of Wi-Fi options designed to meet the needs of every company we work with. It takes time and dedication to build out a framework of reliable solutions and services, but we simply wouldn't have it any other way.

Whether you're looking for faster Wi-Fi connections for your business, or simply looking to replace the current Wi-Fi setup you have with a fast, affordable option, we have you covered. Here are easy ways to identify and fix common Wi-Fi speed issues-- and how to tell when it's time to go with an alternative.

Select an optimal location for your Wi-Fi

When it comes to how efficient your Wi-Fi is, the location really does make a difference. If you operate out of a regular office space or living space and your Wi-Fi seems slow, there's a good chance you're simply out of range. Many modern homes and workspaces are designed for comfort and collaboration, and Wi-Fi routers sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to optimal placement options. If you notice that your internet speed seems to fluctuate depending on where you are in your workspace, chances are moving your router will help quite a bit. Opt for a central location, away from metal and walls.

Make sure your software and firmware are up to date

Just like most tech, a Wi-Fi system is only as good as the stuff inside. While some internet service providers routinely update firmware and software for you, other providers don't. If your Wi-Fi seems abnormally slow, you could be due for an update. Your router can be connected to your computer to run the latest updates-- and if you're not sure how to connect things, your internet service provider will likely have a tutorial on their website. Once you're connected, search for your Wi-Fi router in your list of devices, and follow the prompts there to check for updates. Repeat this process every few months for best results!

Remove bandwidth-draining connections... or go with a new Wi-Fi setup

One of the last steps in speeding up your Wi-Fi involves disconnecting the devices that are draining the most resources from your signal. This could be a hub of heavy duty equipment, several computers in one area, or even an errant connection from the unit next door (it happens.) Of course, if you need all of the connections, then it's probably time to opt for a Wi-Fi solution that has the capacity to handle your needs.

At Spectrumlink, we've been building custom business Wi-Fi setups for years, and our technicians are among the best in the nation when it comes to getting our customers the results they need. Contact us today to see how we can help you!