Best Educational Websites for Your Kids While Home

Being home with the kids more often means a lot of trial and error. If you're anything like our team, questions and negotiations regarding the best time to eat, the best rooms to work in, and when to shut things down and relax are likely becoming more and more routine.

One of the things that isn't up for negotiation, though, is online learning. Practically all school districts nationwide are migrating to online learning platforms, and requiring students to login daily for training, coursework, and even tests. With computer time now required, getting the kids to remain focused can be a chore. Fortunately, there are websites that can help. Encouraging kids to make good use of the internet while they're on it can help them learn more efficiently, discover new skills, and get an early jump on navigating the complex digital world we live in. The following websites are a great place to direct your children when they want a break from schoolwork (or when you can't help them answer a question), and you still want them to stay on task!

Khan Academy can be just as effective as a classroom teacher, if you find the right program. Chock-full of hundreds of great, free learning tools, the website was built by a technologist and educator who wanted an easy way for people to learn, no matter who or where they were. It is now widely regarded as one of the leading free online educational websites, and membership takes just seconds. Everything from English to coding 101 can be found in Khan Academy's wide selection of courses and tutorials.

Geared more towards a more mature crowd, Coursera is a great option for the high schooler that wants a head start on figuring out what college courses may be like. Combining thousands of courses from prestigious, well known schools, this platform is seamless, easy to use, and mobile friendly. It's also completely free, and even offers courses for parents that might like to brush up on their skills or test the waters for getting an advanced degree themselves!

Although Udemy does combine free and paid courses, there are a number of options for great lessons to choose from on the free side (so you almost certainly won't need to pay). Designed similarly to Coursera, the courses offered on theĀ  Udemy platform cover a significant range of interesting topics. Additionally, the platform is easy to navigate, and accounts can be used on both mobile and desktop. This means everyone can dive into something they'd like to learn without having to take turns on the computer!

The internet is a great tool, and can open up a number of avenues to learning and exploration. While the kids are home during COVID-19, help them make the most of their time with free, engaging software. And, while you're at it, consider learning something yourself!

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