Navigating Crowded Wi-Fi

As remote working becomes more and more common, residents and tenants of buildings with shared Wi-Fi are encountering one issue more and more often: overcrowded channels. Overcrowded channels can slow down internet speeds, make connections less safe, and, in certain cases, even render work impossible. Fortunately, there are ways to still get around a frustrating situation like overcrowded Wi-Fi channels. By using a few tried and true tips and tricks, you can drastically increase your internet's efficiency and keep your operations functioning at a high level.

Avoid using "high bandwidth channels" when possible.

Streaming sites like Hulu, Netflix, and others are fun to enjoy in your free time, but if not being used, it's best to shut them down to save bandwidth. Streaming networks can significantly slow down channels, and when several people are using them at the same time, it can be virtually impossible to maintain a steady connection. Refraining from using these high bandwidth channels during times where the network is slower due to overcrowding can free up much needed bandwidth and keep your internet connection in good shape.

Switch Wi-Fi networks if available

Chances are the Wi-Fi network you use is also the one that's used by other residents sharing the same internet connection. In times of throttled internet speeds due to overcrowding on your typical network, switching to another bandwidth, like a 5 GHz option, can actually improve your speeds. The 5 GHz option has a shorter range (meaning your connection may not be as strong farther away from your router), but it is more concentrated, and usually is significantly less crowded. Switching to another bandwidth option can speed up your connection and allow you to do your work with less interruption from spotty coverage.

Move to an access point for better connection

Wi-Fi access points are usually strategically placed in or near areas of buildings where there may otherwise be dead spots. The good news is that moving around in your building or unit can sometimes place you nearer to an access point, and grant you a stronger connection. This is, of course, by no means guaranteed, but is certainly worth a try if you're simply not able to get a connection any other way. Moving closer to your own Wi-Fi router or even areas with windows could make the difference in helping you get the connection you're looking for.

Crowded Wi-Fi channels aren't fun to deal with, but they're a reality of shared Wi-Fi connections in practically any building at some point or another. Using these strategies can help you navigate a crowded channel and keep your internet connection strong and functional. If you're a property owner dealing with consistent overcrowding on your Wi-Fi networks, contact the Spectrumlink team today for custom solutions!