Tips for Negotiating a Better Internet Package

Ever wanted something without knowing the best way to get it? Finding fast, quality internet service can feel a lot like that. Fortunately, when it comes to most internet service packages, negotiation is almost always an option. Understanding what kind of service you need, how much it typically costs, and a few other factors can give you all you need to get the best plans and prices out of your internet service provider. As a leader in custom business internet packages, the team here at Spectrumlink welcomes conversations about solutions and pricing, and we're always willing to adjust things to find the perfect fit for our customers!

Know your current internet situation, and what you want to avoid

While this may seem obvious, sometimes speaking to internet service providers can be tricky. By the time you wade through the technical jargon and the deals and sales, you may forget the issues that you're looking to avoid with a new provider. When you're searching for a new business internet provider, make a list of the issues you're having with your current provider as reference points. Knowing what you will and won't settle for out of a new provider is a great way to stay focused and negotiate efficiently when the time comes.

Understand competitor pricing

The best way to negotiate an ideal package for your business is to understand what it's really, truly worth. A quick Google search of internet service providers in your area should give you an idea of what ISP's are charging businesses and individuals for certain packages. While, of course, a Google search won't be the most comprehensive, simply knowing a ballpark of price points can help you understand where your next choice for service fits in. If they're much higher than the average, there's a lot of room for negotiation there. Much lower, and you'll want to make sure they can meet your company's needs.

Be reasonable, but firm

As a business or property owner, you have more power than you think. Internet service providers rely on your business month after month-- and you should leverage this. Unlike one and done services or products, internet service providers charge every month for continual services. That's a lot of value for their bottom lines. If you know what the average cost of business internet in your area is, and you're aware of what you do and do want out of a new provider, make it clear that you do have other options. Here at Spectrumlink, we consider it our job to present better options to new client, and to win their loyalty with quality service and affordable prices.

Don't let other ISP's fool you into thinking there are only one-size-fits-all solutions for business internet. Take it from a premier internet service provider-- there are almost always more options!