Using Digital to Safely Return to Work

As companies and organizations around the nation begin putting plans in place to return to work in the coming months, there's no question that the health and safety of employees is top of mind. For many,  while telecommuting may have been different than office work, it was safe and efficient. Returning to work doesn't have to be a harrowing experience for your team. By leveraging a few best practices and making use of excellent digital resources, you can easily ensure a smooth, safe transition back into the office. And, of course, when you need blazing fast internet options to get the ball rolling again, the team here at Spectrumlink is here to help!

Consider monitoring sick employees digitally

As employees nationwide begin returning to work, several organizations, including the CDC, Johns Hopkins and more have introduced efficient apps, software, and survey tools to ensure employees that are not healthy get the help they need quickly and do not put others in harm's way. Many of this software is completely free, though with a marginal spend, features like automatic notifications, appointment schedulers, and more specific testing information becomes available. Instructing employees and team members to self report once a day or even a few times a week can ensure your organization has a good handle on everyone's health status in real time. Knowing this information can help prevent outbreaks or future spread.

Use digital processes to stagger work days

Many companies are staggering personnel to ensure there are never too many people in the office at one time. With quality internet coverage from a premier provider, you can do this without missing a beat. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and similar platforms allow you to set a schedule for video communications, and solid internet service means even if your whole team isn't there with you, it can still feel like they are. Consider having some employees in office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while rotating others out on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Do way more work with way fewer people

If staggering work days isn't quite for your team, consider limiting the amount of people needed in-office to run day to day operations. With a powerful business internet plan, a team of five can do the work of ten or twelve, while your other team members work from home. Efficiency is key when it comes to hitting your bottom lines and maintaining the health and safety of your entire team. With fast, powerful business internet options, that efficiency is possible.

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