What Has 2020 Shown You About Your ISP?

No matter how long you've had your internet service provider, it's never too long to assess just how effective they are. For many, the year 2020 has forced business changes, and internet service providers have had to pull a lot more weight. Teleconferencing, increased workloads, and a demand for more bandwidth should have given most businesses a better understanding of whether or not their current internet service is up to par. So, how do you assess whether your ISP is worth another year of service, or if it's time to start looking elsewhere? While the needs of every business are different, there are a few telltale signs that you may be getting ripped off, and would be better off looking for alternative internet solutions.

Is it incredibly difficult to get in touch with your current provider for service?

All internet service providers are not created equal. There are some that simply offer basic setup before disappearing, while others claim that they're at your service, but never seem to be available. The way we see it, quality internet is about more than just providing the initial service. The best providers stand by their products, and are always willing to assist with issues or questions. Getting in touch with your internet service provider shouldn't feel like pulling teeth. If you're spending money on a product that you're not getting the support for, it may be time to switch providers!

Have speeds been throttled without notice?

In an attempt to combat the impact of COVID-19 some internet service providers have taken to extreme measures this year to keep customers and pay their bills. If your own internet bill hasn't decreased, but your service has slowed or suddenly become spotty, chances are the speeds you've been paying for have been throttled. This is poor business and a red flag that your provider cares more about their own bottom line than their customers' needs. Seek an alternative service provider that won't undercut you. You deserve to get the internet that you're paying for!

Have communications or instructions been consistently unclear?

While all companies do business differently, it's important that the company that provides your internet service clearly and professionally communicates with you as a client. If your service is out, they should be able to provide an accurate reason as to why. If you need something fixed, they should be able to get you help with ease. You shouldn't have to jump through hoops to understand information given to you by your ISP. Your job as a client is to enjoy fast, premium internet-- without the headache!

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