Getting Your Office Ready to Return to Work

2020 has been a year of firsts. First pandemic in decades. First transition to 100% remote work. And first time trying to live in a new normal. As businesses and their employees begin to get back to this new version of life, one fact has become even clearer: quality internet and a digital infrastructure is an absolute must.

Here at Spectrumlink, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of our customers and clients, no matter what. COVID-19 has changed a lot, but business needs to go on, and we're here to help you make it happen. Here are the top three digital factors to consider when you and your team make the decision to transition back to the office!

Bandwidth may need to be increased

When coronavirus struck, chances are you, like everyone else, downsized the office. As folks begin to transition back into work, it's important to remember that the speed of the in-house internet connection will need to be monitored. With more people online and working, consider the internet speed and bandwidth options your provider offers, and whether an upgrade is in order. Slow internet speeds can dash any hopes of a smooth transition, particularly if your company is one that manages client-side information digitally. Asking your colleagues and employees to weigh in on their experiences as they transition back into the office can be a great way to nip any potential problems with bandwidth and internet loading speed.

CRMs and employee software will need a reboot

Even though you may have been using your CRM from home, it's important to make sure all systems are up and running when you return to the office. Many internet service providers get calls from frantic business owners complaining that their business internet is down, only to find that the internet is fine, and their operating systems just needed a reboot. Popular CRMs like SalesForce, Hubspot, and others often offer detailed user guides that can help you make sure their systems are functioning properly. Checking for things like updates and patches only takes a seconds, but can make your transition much easier.

You'll need to account for mistakes

It may not seem like being gone for a few months should be that big of a deal, but your team members and employees are liable to forget more than you might think. The best way to ensure a smooth transition back to work on the digital front is to treat your team as if it's Day 1 again. That means providing them with the appropriate account passwords, reacquainting them with the digital systems they used prior, and gradually relaunching things until the team is once again operating at 100% efficiency. Simply coming back into the office and expecting everyone to get to work like normal can lead to a host of mistakes, lost passwords, accidental deletions, and more.

Set a game plan with stages for your digital relaunch to ensure you meet your goals and easily transition with no hiccups.

If reopening has you looking for another internet service provider that can handle your new needs and then some, Spectrumlink is here to help. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!