Is Your ISP A Part of Your Business Plan?

Ever rushed out early for front row seats to a great show, only to get there and realize you'd forgotten your tickets? Not making business plans that include your internet service provider's capabilities can be a lot like that. In the digital age that we live in, everything runs off of digital systems. And those systems all run on internet. Making your internet service provider a part of your business plan– whether that be physical expansion, relocation, or bringing on more team  members– can save you the headache of having to start from scratch, rebuild systems, or even dealing with losing a custom setup as your team progresses.

Check with your ISP about its capabilities as you make plans to expand

Most internet service providers are happy to strategize with you to ensure your business goals and their capabilities align. When you've decided on an action plan for your business, schedule a time with your provider to see what they need from you to minimize potential downtime. In many cases, it could be as simple as just understanding what you'll be doing so they can ensure their systems are in place. Other times, they  may need to send a technician out to your location to assess the changes firsthand. Either way, it's a straightforward step that ensures your ISP knows what you're planning and can adjust accordingly!

Ask about alternative options before immediately switching to a new ISP

When you're making changes to your business, it can be just as easy to assume the internet service provider you have won't work as it can be to assume the reverse. The best course of action is to reach out and ask whether there's another plan, another tier, or more internet options that will work better for your transition. Typically, it's significantly easier to stick with your ISP and make changes than it is to switch to a new one. This is, of course, pending the internet service provider you're using is a good fit, and you haven't had any issues otherwise. (If you have, making the switch to another ISP as you transition could actually be the best thing to do.)

Ask for insight on best practices

Your internet service provider isn't just the company that gives you internet service. They also have a wealth of knowledge in terms of the best ways to maintain or improve your networks and digital infrastructure during a transition. If you're considering making a switch to a new location, onboarding more employees, or anything else where your internet network and setup will be affected, consulting with the pros can be the best way to make the switch as easily and effortless as possible. Not only will you be keeping them in the loop with your new plans– you'll be leveraging their expert insight to make your plans even more effective!

Making your internet service provider a part of your business plans is a great way to ensure long lasting, impactful relationship. When your digital infrastructure is in place from the start, the rest of a business transition is that much easier!