It’s Not Your Team, It’s Your Internet

Ever had an unproductive day and blamed it on yourself or the team? Maybe an office meeting where everyone took responsibility for where the ball had been dropped? While it may be okay to blame yourself for less productivity sometimes, there's often one other culprit of an unproductive day that no one acknowledges: your internet service.

Believe it or not, the quality of your internet can have a huge impact on the productivity of your entire team. With sound, reliable internet service, your team can execute quicker, get tasks done more efficiently, and collaborate effortlessly. However, with spotty or slower service, the opposite is bound to happen.

So, how can you tell whether your team or your internet is to blame for your latest bout of decreased productivity? Via process of elimination. While the following guide is in no way comprehensive, it is a quick, reliable way to assess whether your internet is to blame for productivity woes, and an even better way to help you fix it?

Has the same process been slow for a while?

Perhaps the team was late on emails for the entire week, or missed some crucial callbacks that could have landed big deals. If the team complained about not seeing emails, or not receiving pings or messages, spotty internet could be to blame. While particularly poor connections could prevent messages and emails from coming through entirely, even slightly better internet connections can delay transmission of messages considerably. If you're noticing that many members of the team keep missing emails or messages consistently, the internet service could be your culprit.


Do important notes, documents, and data keep disappearing?

If folks are creating spreadsheets that don't seem to be showing, it may not be that they just didn't share them. With popular sharing platforms like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, effective file sharing is contingent on a stable, reliable internet connection. While some platforms automatically revert documents to drafts if the internet connection is less than ideal, there's always the possibility that some documents don't save or share properly. If previously finished documents seem to vanish during the sharing process, chances are the internet, not the team member, is to blame.

Is your CRM just not cutting it?

It may not actually be your CRM. If you're noticing that the team's struggling to get things done even with the help of a CRM or similar tool, the CRM may not be working at full capacity. Slow load speeds, missing information, and delayed updates are textbook signs of a poor internet connection. Of course, your team members likely won't know the internet's to blame if they're relying on each other to get things done (and assuming it's getting done). If it seems like your CRM and its users are consistently  dropping the ball, it's time to check on your internet bandwidth and ensure you have the speeds you need.

Of course, productivity sometimes really is all on us. But for the times when that's not the case, the internet service could be to blame. Contact Spectrumlink today to discuss our 99.9% reliable business internet options today!