How to Deal With an Internet Monopoly

Depending on where you work and the space you lease for your business, there's a chance you may be dealing with an internet service monopoly. Effectively, this is when there are no other options for internet service in your city or building because one company has the rights to provide all service. This kind of monopoly can be a great thing if you're in love with the service and have no intentions of wanting to leave– but it can be just the opposite if you need something that can't be provided or are otherwise not happy with what you're getting. Revenue from business internet services is a luxury that some ISPs take for granted when they know there won't be any competition. Here's how to work around a monopoly and still get what you need to keep your business thriving!

Invest in third party solutions.

The great thing about technology in this day and age is that there's always something new. Companies like Google and Amazon have invested millions into providing internet resources and solutions that work with any setup, and even offer experts that will help you find the perfect answer to an internet service provider problem. Typically, as long as you have some form of internet in place, third party add-ons and tools can be used to enhance your service for what you need. In the off chance that one complete solution doesn't do the trick, a series of solutions almost certainly will. It's just a matter of doing the research!

Form a group that needs the same things you do.


Unless you're a massive company with the influence to make things happen solo, teaming up with other brands and businesses in your building/area to address shared concerns with your internet service provider can be a great way to make sure your voice is heard. If, for instance, every business in your area regularly deals with throttled internet speeds, it would behoove your internet service provider to rectify the issue quickly. It's a lot easier to convince an ISP to work with you when you can show them you're not the only one that's impacted. Of course, you should never have to do this, but if you're dealing with a monopoly and the company's not willing to make many changes, this is a viable and productive next step to take.

Reach out to other providers.

Depending on the size of your business and the problems you're having, independent ISPs like us will often be more than willing to help set up a custom business internet framework for you. For an ISP with a monopoly on the market, it's often easier to let a few businesses work with outside providers than to lose a contract or to lose all companies to other options. This solution would only work in certain scenarios, of course: you'd have to be large enough to make sense for the ISP to establish an infrastructure and also in an area where the ISP can legally do so. Because of the limited scenarios here, his option is best reserved for companies that operate in specific industries where location is a non-negotiable, and other providers already have a presence somewhere near.

Navigating service options when dealing with an internet monopoly can be tricky– but the success of your business can depend on it. Consider these steps when you're looking to make the most out of a situation where there's only one company to turn to!