The Best Way to Spend Less With Your ISP

There's no denying it: everyone loves a good deal. However, many businesses that don't understand the intricacies of business internet often convince themselves that they have very little bargaining power when it comes to one of the most important aspects of their entire company: their internet service. Done correctly, businesses can save big and still enjoy incredibly fast and reliable dedicated internet service from top providers. As the nation's premier choice for fast, reliable business internet for years, we've been at the negotiating table with  organizations interested in using our service, and we've always been more than willing to align our prices with what makes the most sense for the brand. Here's how to stop paying so much, and still enjoy great service.

Talk to your provider about specialized pricing options.

At the end of the day, internet service providers are businesses, and we want your business just as much as you want ours. Most top providers offer a number of custom options for pricing based on what our clients need. In many cases, coming to terms on a fee that makes sense can come down to exactly what options you want built. Much like a custom home, it's 100% your custom internet. And when you're deciding everything you want, there are almost always options for you to handpick from prices that make the most sense. You just have to ask!

Find out if your ISP can work with any of the infrastructure you already have.


This actually works a number of ways. If you're switching internet service providers and both companies are reputable, chances are there will be a way for the new provider to adapt your current setup and systems with what they have. The best ISPs often use similar equipment, so it's not necessarily a far fetched idea to believe you can save some money by using what you already own. Additionally, if you currently have a particular plan or setup with your provider, and don't intend on switching providers, ask them what can be done with your current plan to reduce the costs without sacrificing quality. Most times, reputable ISPs will be happy to help, as they know customers don't usually ask this unless they're happy with the service and not intending to leave.

Focus the conversation on your goals, not features.

It can be easy to get caught up in the shiny knobs of a new service plan– but before you get to that point, save money by talking to your internet service provider about your internet goals, not what features they have. Many times, your goals may be easier for your ISP to deliver on than you think– and they may be able to accomplish them without unnecessary features that will break the bank. Think of it this way: if you need a vehicle that will help you get the kids to and from school faster, do you really need a race car? No! Sometimes, simply talking to your ISP about what you want your internet to do for you can make all the difference in plans and pricing.

Negotiating a great, affordable business internet package doesn't have to be rocket science. By adhering to the tips we've mentioned (and building a few of your own), you can get the best of both worlds– reliability and affordability!