When Does a Shared Service Plan Make Sense?

If you're leasing office space in a multi tenant building, chances are your landlord has offered you shared internet services. Much like a renter that subscribes to the community's group plan, many office tenants turn to the plan their landlord provides for ease of use and to minimize anticipated downtime from setting up their own system. While we're a business internet provider that almost always believes dedicated internet service is the way to go, there are a handful of times where shared service makes sense. Here's how to know if if a shared service model is right for you!

Is your business just starting out?

Shared internet service plans offer one thing that trumps even the most economical dedicated business internet plan– affordability. Because you're sharing a network with many other tenants, your costs are significantly reduced. Plus, if a service like ours is the one providing the building's shared internet plan, you can rest easy knowing you'll get great coverage, too. You don't necessarily have to sacrifice quality of coverage with a shared internet plan, and it can be a great way to save some money while building your organization's bottom line.

Does your business rely on quality internet to operate effectively?


For some businesses, leasing a space in an office is simply a convenient way to meet and network. If you don't plan on operating extensively out of the office, or if you run a business where most of your team members are in the field, it may not be worth the expense to invest in a dedicated business internet service. If a high quality, shared internet plan can save you money and still allows you to get the job done efficiently, then it's your best option, and the one we'd advise. Of course, it being 2020, there aren't too many businesses that simply don't need quality internet to be effective, so do truly consider how much your team uses it before opting for a cheaper option by default!

Are there usage caps, and do they make sense for your business?

One big determining factor for whether it makes sense to go with a shared internet plan or not is potential usage caps. Many landlords simply charge one fee across the board for tenants with unlimited use, but if your team needs more bandwidth, or if there's a heavy-use tenant in the building, you may find the absence of a usage cap good or bad. Consider whether you're comfortable with throttled speeds if one of your fellow tenants consistently hogs the bandwidth with resource heavy applications, or if you are that tenant that uses a lot of bandwidth and can save a ton of money with a shared plan. If the parameters around shared internet usage will work with the way you work, then go for it!

Making a shared service plan make sense for your organization is a great way to save money and still get quality internet. However, if you're looking for a more robust, customizable experience for your team, a dedicated plan is the path to take. Contact our team for service plans and insights on both of these great options!