Staying Ahead of Tricky Online Scams

As Americans begin to spend more and more time online, learning what risks to look out for becomes more and more crucial. Hacks, viruses, and bold scams are becoming more commonplace, and even the most discerning internet users can fall…

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Smarter Ways to Practice Internet Safety

All internet options aren’t created equal… and neither is security. When it comes to choosing the best ways to secure your internet framework, one wrong decision could leave you, your company, or your household vulnerable to attacks that could be…

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Navigating Crowded Wi-Fi

As remote working becomes more and more common, residents and tenants of buildings with shared Wi-Fi are encountering one issue more and more often: overcrowded channels. Overcrowded channels can slow down internet speeds, make connections less safe, and, in certain…

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wifi running slow

Is Your Wi-Fi Slow? Here’s How to Fix It

For anyone running a business these days, a fast Wi-Fi connection is a must in order to make sure things are operating as effectively as possible. Unfortunately, all Wi-Fi options are not created equal. Here at Spectrumlink, we pride ourselves…

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