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Our goal is to provide business broadband services nationally and securely at a lower cost than our competitors.

In today’s world of internet services, businesses and consumers need fast and reliable speed, including redundant, scalable and reliable broadband. Our purpose is to enrich the lives of the people we touch by offering such stable services. The Spectrumlink team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing business internet services for all of our clients.

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Business Internet Services

Spectrumlink employees offer extensive knowledge and expertise in the Internet industry, specifically fixed wireless and Wi-Fi services. Combining the knowledge of our team, Spectrumlink collectively offers customers over 100 years experience covering the intricacies of the broadband industry.  Based on this wealth of experience, Spectrumlink is ready to take on the new and ever-changing technology challenges that lay aheadThis includes the addition of Microwave fixed wireless business internet services for both rural and urban business broadband development.

Also as an established leading business internet services provider, Spectrumlink internet services offer companies a faster, lower latency, lower cost alternative to fiber connections. Period. The presence of more hops in an  Internet services connection introduces more processing latency and noise to any network. Because Microwave fixed wireless internet services networks typically reduce the number of hops compared to fiber networks, this reduces the overall end-to-end latency, thus offering a faster than fiber result.

The business internet services we offer to our customers utilizes Microwave fixed wireless technology.

internet services

This technology uses electromagnetic waves that travel 50% faster through the air than through a fiber optic cable. The light in the fiber cable is traveling through a substance similar to glass. Glass has a higher density than air. This allows Microwaves to travel through air very close to the speed of light.

Spectrumlink is proud to meet the unique needs of each business and their internet services requirements. Spectrumlink services customers by creating a custom plan for every customer. We offer a fast installation (5 business days) to meet your business needs. The time is now to add Spectrumlink’s solid and reliable business broadband services and Data Offload solutions to your organization.