Business Services

Located in Los Angeles, California, Spectrumlink utilizes the latest Internet technology with lightning fast speed and the highest spectrum frequency (71-95 GHz bands) to service all its customers. Offloading and specialized Internet service for business is the key to growing data demands for Internet solutions we face globally and locally with business Internet service capabilities.

Spectrumlink is taking advantage of the opportunity to become the highly distinguished and recognized Internet service industry leader, expanding in rural and urban areas across the country. The goal of Spectrumlink is to be the leading Internet service industry provider for fast fixed wireless broadband and Wi-Fi services and solutions nationwide. We’ve worked to establish and specialize in offering superior and highly reliable Internet service for businesses and are now extending our reach to those who need it most.


Achieving Our Internet Service Goal

In order to achieve this goal, Spectrumlink has created a custom built back-haul network with the fastest and latest internet service technology for businesses. Starting with Los Angeles internet service networks, we have developed a mixture of internet services targeting commercial businesses and consumers alike.

In today’s breakneck pace of business, companies and consumers need faster internet speeds to keep in touch, do business and stay abreast of the latest business technologies. Starting with Los Angeles internet service, Spectrumlink has grown to provide solid, reliable internet service connections to thousands of businesses nationwide. We are ready to provide exceptional broadband connections to your business as well. Find out what competitors and other businesses already know, Spectrumlink is the next generation of fixed wireless internet service across America.

Contact one of our SpectrumLlnk Los Angeles internet professionals today who will assist you in all of your high speed business internet needs. We work with your company every step of the way to ensure there are no issues with your connection from the moment your link goes live.