High Speed Internet

Truly Redundant & 100% Symmetrical Connections

Every customer gets the fastest and most reliable broadband and Wi-Fi services in the industry.

Spectrumlink uses the latest Microwave fixed wireless high speed internet technology with lightning fast speed, using the highest broadband spectrum frequency possible. Spectrumlink also utilizes completely licensed spectrum frequency, unlike many competitors, which provides a much more secure and reliable fiber alternative connection. Without affordable and reliable broadband connections, business can come to a screeching halt.

Microwave fixed wireless high speed internet connections provide several advantages over fiber connections:


Utilizing leased high speed broadband lines or requiring new fiber equipment installations can be frustrating, time-consuming and very expensive. Our high speed internet connections work using Microwave fixed wireless high speed internet link technology, which are able to be installed within days, rather than spending weeks or months waiting for fiber lines.

Guaranteed Speeds & Equal Uploads/Downloads, every time, for every customer!


Reliable Internet Connections

To many businesses today, speed and internet quality are directly linked to productivity. Tech-savvy businesses depend on reliable internet connections in order to work with video streaming, data processing, graphic design and VoIP, which all require increased Bandwidth for success. Productivity contributes to overall business success. By providing reliable high speed internet business broadband connections to each of our customers, we are supporting increased productivity and success to each business we serve.

Lower Latency

Using Microwave fixed wireless offers much lower latency over fiber connections. The more points of travel in an optical network, the greater amount of processing latency and noise. A fiber network functioning through a city will need to travel through more points than a Microwave fixed wireless high speed internet frequency in order to arrive at the final destination. Microwave fixed wireless travels in a straight line, where optic networks travel as the city format allows underground. The reduced number of points in Microwave fixed wireless networks reduces end-to-end latency substantially. Even a gain of a couple of milliseconds, which can add an advantage for businesses and deliver a better high speed internet experience.