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Spectrumlink Internet Access

Spectrumlink also focuses on offering businesses nationwide fixed wireless broadband, Wi-Fi access management opportunities and VoIP solutions. Throughout our resources section you will find information pertaining to:

  • Investors and internet access
  • The Spectrum Crisis
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Video Gallery

The Spectrumlink team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing internet access to the enterprise and consumer segments. Spectrumlink also specializes in offering superior internet access through microwave fixed wireless broadband connections and Wi-Fi solutions for our clients. Spectrumlink is now moving forward and taking advantage of the opportunity to become the recognized business broadband internet access industry leader in rural and urban areas across the country. We feel it is vital for us to help educate the business-class segment of our unique internet access services and how they will best benefit businesses nationwide. The goal of Spectrumlink is to become established as the leading provider of fast fixed wireless and Wi-Fi solutions.

biconAchieving our Goal

In order to achieve this goal, Spectrumlink has created a custom built back-haul network with the fastest and latest fixed wireless technology today. We have expanded our business management opportunities, added VoIP solutions, addition to focusing on our business Wi-Fi solutions.

Contact us today with any questions or inquiries regarding our services. Spectrumlink Broadband professionals are available when you need them to answer all your service needs.