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The time is now to cash in on fiber alternative broadband options, Hotspot 2.0 and Data Offload solutions, while owning a broadband communications asset that produces revenue from the first day of operation!

This broadband opportunity is parallel to the opportunity years ago when some individuals owned FCC licenses for cellular telephone systems achieving substantial financial gains. Most of these people received significant monthly income for many years. Others held their licenses until the major carriers bought them out for a huge profit. Fast-forward to today when SpectrumLink offers registered broadband link-owners 100% independent ownership of their broadband license, links and equipment.

What Does This Mean For You?

It means you gain excellent broadband for business connections, while owning your own broadband communications asset, allowing you to collect consistent recurring revenue. Additionally, you also partner with Spectrumlink, offering a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating!


2027 Broadband Usage Growth Projection:

  • 46% of total mobile data will be offloaded = 9.6 exabytes per month (1 exabyte = 1 billion gigabytes)
  • Mobile data offloaded to wire networks is expected to grow 22-fold

Spectrumlink has targeted several markets in the U.S. with immense need and demand for reliable broadband services. The Spectrumlink team has begun building their core broadband network in Los Angeles, California, and remain focused on cultivating the three target markets that will provide the greatest broadband market penetration and superior broadband connections to Spectrumlink customers. This includes the specialty broadband business user, the general broadband business user and the personal broadband business user.

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