Rita M.
From the Director of Sales, to the Sales Manager, to the Technicians, they were all very professional. My urgent request to install the Internet connection was scheduled and completed expeditiously. I'm one happy customer!
Robbie M.
Wow, flawless seamless easy to setup.  Jeff stopped by my apartment when I was running late from a meeting, he setup everything himself without me having to be there, left the activated port marked for me, and sent me a picture to confirm everything was working. All within minutes, all without me having to do anything. Great service, highly recommended.
Jennifer D.
We were having issue after issue with our previous provider and were tired of constantly calling and scheduling service appointments that ended up resolving nothing. Since we've switched I haven't heard one single complaint nor have I had any trouble acquiring the speeds we were promised. Thank you Spectrum Link for delivering!!
Denise C.
On time appointment. Brilliant and courteous service from Doug. Incredibly knowledgeable and willing to explain the finer technical details of networking. Took an hour for the installation and now I have 400Mbps down and up! Highly recommended!


Here at Spectrumlink, we believe customer service is just as important as our product. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current internet plan, switch providers, or explore our wide range of custom services, we encourage you to reach out for a chat.

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