Reliable Internet Service

ReliableInternetConnectionWhy Spectrumlink for Reliable Internet Connections?

Spectrumlink delivers fixed wireless broadband connections to businesses at an industry-low cost. Our 99.99% up-time guarantees your business will never lose its connection because of weather, ensuring consistently reliable Internet service. Without such a reliable connection, making sure you complete your business continuity planning becomes a vital task for the continued success of your business.

Spectrumlink works to provide your business with the most stable broadband connection possible for the stability and success of your business. When it comes to using the Internet for your business, it’s absolutely vital to be sure you have a reliable Internet service connection. However, not all connections are as reliable and secure as Spectrumlink’s network. A solid and reliable Internet service connection will allow you to complete your business as-needed, while an unreliable connection can cause your business to come to a grinding halt, losing you money, and possibly your business.

This is why business continuity planning is so important to the longevity of your business. Business continuity planning actually acts as a safe-guard for your business for those times when you do not choose a reliable Spectrumlink connection.

Server Downtime: What business continuity planning means to your business.

Server downtime may seem inevitable when running a business, but did you know that one minute of unplanned data center downtime costs $5,600 on average – just one minute! This according to a study conducted by The Ponemon Institute. This fact alone is enough to support our claim of the importance of business continuity planning.

Picture1773% of businesses have experienced some kind of downtime within the past five years. This means every business owner must participate in business continuity planning. Not making strides to participate in business continuity planning is like choosing not to have health insurance or car insurance.

Picture17A business could survive years without business continuity planning, but that one day when the system fails could be the last day your business is functional. During that time, businesses have lost over $70 Million dollars. With all this information, it is clear how essential a reliable Internet service connection is for your business.

Ask yourself, is skipping business continuity planning worth the overall risk?