Symmetrical Bandwidth

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Picture20A symmetrical bandwidth connection is one that offers both the same download and upload speed.  Symmetrical bandwidth also allows upload and download speeds to be used at the same time.

As the best internet provider, Spectrumlink believes in getting what you pay for. When you have a
symmetrical internet connection, you will be able to upload data (such as videos or music) to the internet while also downloading large files. With this capability it’s no wonder symmetrical connections are more popular with internet users. As the best internet provider, we are familiar with competitive service providers who may offer larger upload speeds over download speeds to customers.

Because we focus on being the best internet provider, Spectrumlink offers 100% symmetrical bandwidth connections as part of their standard service level agreement. The entire Spectrumlink network is built around a symmetrical bandwidth model, offering higher quality to happier customers. More specifically, when you connect to Spectrumlink, the best internet provider network, you are connecting to an exceptionally fast Ethernet network, including symmetrical bandwidth.

Asymmetrical Bandwidth

Spectrumlink proudly keeps the best internet provider label for many reasons, one of which is because the Spectrumlink team does not believe in offering customers an asymmetrical connection. download-taos-files-iconPeriod. Asymmetrical connections usually offers better download speeds vs. upload speeds. No matter what, one thing remains true, the two speeds are not the same, which causes user frustration and produces slower results. This is simply not the performance level of a leader holding the best internet provider title. Aside from limitations previously imposed by older, out dated internet connection technology, upload speeds are lower because most people do far more downloading than uploading. This can be frustrating when viewing video files and viewing websites are classified as downloading. In the end, this means that as you browse the Internet, an asymmetrical connection is often so slow it becomes impossible to navigate.

As the best internet provider, we can tell you that you want the speeds to be close to identical for optimum performance, making your bandwidth symmetrical. Because we take great pride in being the best internet provider, Spectrumlink knows that business professionals today need symmetrical bandwidth connections. In fact, symmetrical connections are becoming more popular simply for the convenience of browsing the internet as-needed and completing work productively. From the best internet provider to the worst, they can all agree that a loss of productivity does not help a business.