True Redundancy

Spectrumlink is Different.

We use Microwave fixed wireless business broadband internet service technology, which utilizes rooftops of buildings to provide service that does not rely on fiber in the ground or local carriers. Each Point-Of-Presence (POP) is linked to one or more POPs to ensure a truly reliable and redundant broadband internet service connection.

RedundantInternetEven with the advanced broadband internet service technology today, no one can say when the next internet outage will occur. Although this information cannot be predicted, there is one certainty; broadband Internet service outages will happen. Knowing this allows businesses to utilize steps to protect their broadband internet service and be prepared. Not having a plan could put your business out of business.

Redundant Broadband Internet Service:

When businesses experience internet downtime, the compensation from fiber Internet service providers typically covers the cost of the internet service, but what about the cost of your lost business? In the event a building has multiple fiber Internet providers and the point of failure exists with the conduit or point-of-entry, all the fiber internet providers in that building will lose all broadband internet service.

The Big Question in Broadband Internet Service: Can your organization afford unplanned IT downtime?

Spectrumlink strives to provide the most reliable and truly redundant connections in Los Angeles, and nationwide today. Are you prepared for broadband internet service downtime?Do you have a back-up plan in the event of Internet service failure?


The average cost of unplanned business internet data center Downtime: